Had Persian for lunch, in a hole in the wall place near the main train station. Minced lamb skewers with safron rice with berberiz berries and the traditional raw onion/ parsley on the side - it was so delicious. THFKAP had a lamb stew with yellow peas with a side of rice. Also amazing. We are definitely going back to that place! 

Afterwards, we went to the Asian grocery store and bought a trizillion ramen packages, frozen gyoza, lotus dumplings, frozen ice desert green tea mochis (!) tonkatsu sauce, tempura flour, tamari, mirin and Japanese curry. They have a huge selection of frozen seafood, so next time we plan on buying whole crabs and prawns for a seafood feasts!

Then we went to the mall, and I got a haircut with my friend Samira. She is a hairdresser at day and a dancer at night. She is part of a dance group with fantastic glow in the dark clothes and they dance at a house/ techno place. https://www.facebook.com/irrlichter.move

I also bought a cheap golden watch with moving day/night phase. Goes perfectly with my dorky vintage look like my cat bag. Kick ass day.